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Anti Heros Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Wannabes - Essay Example The Maltese Falcon is a movie that has a legend just as a screw-up; the movie stars Humphrey Bogart as the executive/private examiner Sam Spade who has been viewed as the screw-up and not the saint, for reasons talked about inside the domain of this paper. Sam Spade has an intense outside as he lives by his own guidelines and once in a while tunes in to any other person. At the point when his shrewd accomplice kicks the bucket, he doesn't appear to trouble or care, showing an emanation of somebody that doesn't have any feelings. He attempts to advance an extremely solid and non caring disposition towards the crowd. He doesn't have any care; this is clear when the crowd discovers that he had been having an illicit relationship with the spouse of his accomplice. Moreover, he cooperates with Brigid inside the film, not telling individuals without a doubt whether he really had affections for her. This makes various individuals unwilling to his whole character since he doesn't put on a show of being a man who might tune in to anybody or be enjoyed by a great many people. He says, â€Å"When a keeps an eye on accomplice is executed, hes expected to take care of business. It doesnt have any effect what you thought of him. He was your accomplice and youre expected to take care of business. Also, it happens were in the analyst business. All things considered, when one of your association gets executed, its terrible business to let the executioner pull off it. Awful all around. Awful for each criminologist, everywhere.† (The Maltese Falcon) Spade’s rough air puts off various individuals and his smooth peculiarities help to give a hard wind to the whole story. Spade is genuinely a wannabe with an inclination for ladies. Various individuals have debilitated the film to be actually similar to its contemporary, Citizen Kane. Spade doesn't convey a firearm all through the film; anyway he shows individuals that he isn't reluctant to utilize one. He will do anything so as to bring in some cash and isn't connected to numerous things, most likely in view of his earlier life

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Quality management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Quality administration - Essay Example Medical attendants and social insurance experts ought to comprehend fitting patient guidelines. They are relied upon to execute them notwithstanding their sincere beliefs or inclinations. I accept that the nature of care is controlled by finding the correct harmony between the conceivable outcomes acknowledged and the current system of standards and qualities. Thus, the nature of care not just relies upon the disposition of the medical attendant, however it is additionally impacted by the hierarchical culture in the medicinal services organization (Weston and Roberts, 2013). The perception is affected by an acknowledgment that the nature of care is controlled by different factors, for example, the principles set up by the social insurance industry. During my CRT clinical experience, I saw one model that gives a chance to assess the nature of care given in that case. The case included a high school young lady who had been admitted to the emergency clinic after a bombed fetus removal endeavor. The patient was draining and in a great deal of torment. At the point when she showed up, the accessible medical attendants and specialists encompassed her. They regulated fundamental drug to facilitate her agony and stop the dying. At that point they wheeled her to a working room where an endeavor was made to spare her life. The activity took around four hours. Despite the fact that the specialists expressed that she would not have the option to have a youngster later on, they had prevailing with regards to sparing her life. The patient was unmistakably damaged by the entire experience. The medical attendant in control attempted to discover data about her. She had been brought to the medical clinic by two female companions and a male companion. In the wake of advising her folks, the medical attendant called the police to report the episode. Another medical caretaker attempted to start a discussion with the patient when she could talk. The medical attendant could invest a great deal of energy conversing with her. As time advanced, I could see that the patient was progressively open and grinning. The guardians were asked to

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Becoming A Better Nation :: social issues

Improving as a Nation As an American resident, it is anything but difficult to state we ought to support both solidarity and decent variety, at the same time, in truth, it is practically difficult to execute such an extraordinary thought. Our country would be an idealistic culture in the event that we could actualize both worldwide or across the nation solidarity while keeping our citizen’s assorted. Lamentably, it’s a paradoxical expression †like stating we’re isolated together. Part II: The Dream Answer A. Ideal world We could generally approach every person from all they knew and program them into accepting that everybody was made equivalent, permit multi year olds to cast a ballot only equivalent to multi year olds and multi year olds, and make nuclear families of â€Å"brothers† and â€Å"sisters† who are of every single diverse ethnicity. At that point our country would have both solidarity and decent variety!! We could delete each one of those long periods of subjugation, double dealing, and prejudice by never considering it again! Goodness. Wouldn’t that be stunning? Tragically, we don’t live in dreams. Even on the off chance that we had the option to deny residents of their United States’ opportunities and condition them, still our country would have our racists, and we’d need both solidarity and assorted variety existing together as one. Bigotry is the explanation we can't have decent variety and solidarity. Presently this is a result of the significance of this word â€Å"racism.† Part III: Racism A. Conclusions Presently, let’s think about this consistently: What is bigotry? Presently when we need to locate this out, duh, we go to the word reference †and what more well known than our trusty (and dusty, for my situation) â€Å"Webster’s Dictionary†? â€Å"Rac  · ism (rã ¢ Â' siz Â' em) n. †¦ 2 Any program or practice of racial separation, isolation, and so forth dependent on such convictions †rac Â' ist n., adj.† The primary word in this definition is the word â€Å"beliefs.† A conviction did not depend on a reality; it’s dependent on a sincere belief. How might you make everybody not have sincere beliefs? By conditioning them? Bigotry never closes. In that lies our concern with full solidarity. Part III: Racism B. Expression(s) We as a whole appear to be unique, yet how would we feel extraordinary? By communicating. A few people are supremacist; a few people are inventive. Everybody has their own specific manner of acting naturally †and this is the thing that makes the world differing. Nobody is actually similar to their closest companion, neighbor, life partner, or even one of their parental units.

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Hofstra University Application Essay Samples Help!

Hofstra University Application Essay Samples Help! Perhaps right now you're trying to enter the school that you dream about. Now things started to get really intriguing. Instead it prescribes a means to read. Get a person to read it again. The Secret to Hofstra University Application Essay Samples AdmitSee has the greatest database of successful college application files to help you get through the admission season. Dig deep to demonstrate how Chapman can help you accomplish your ends. Be aware that Hofstra does not call for ACT scores for admission for the majority of applicants. The Supreme Approach to Hofstra University Application Essay Samples I used mental preparation to keep my competitive edge for the remainder of the season. Hofstra is where to get involved and do something which you love. Throughout my childhood, I was lucky enough to have the ability to learn numerous points of views from my parents due to their special backgrounds, causing a fascinating upb ringing that I believe Barnard students possess also. My decision to visit Hofstra was among the best decisions I have ever made. The 5-Minute Rule for Hofstra University Application Essay Samples Many college applicants make the error of attempting to include all their accomplishments and activities in their application essays. The admissions officers will merely devote a brief period of time reviewing your essay, and that means you want to begin with a vivid paragraph that will keep them engaged. What's a college admission essay. Writing a good college admission essay requires a lot of creativity. Essay than the one which you may have written for undergraduate admissions. When you think that it is totally finished, you're prepared to proofread and format the essay. We give admission essays that truly do the job. These seven sample essays respond to a wide variety of thought-provoking questions. Also, you are supposed to interest the reader and represent your competence in a particular issue. But this doesn't indicate they don't know in their disciplines. There are particular common factors that signal the caliber and value of the essays. Replace a number of the cliched language. There's no too easy or too hard undertaking for us. It's very useful to take writing apart to be able to see just the way that it accomplishes its objectives. One of the fundamental tasks of the application essay is to follow along with the directions. What's more, aside from the countless papers on various subjects, you may have a number of other responsibilities which require substantial attention. The Chronicles of Hofstra University Application Essay Samples Both film and critical life experiences give a chance for reflection. This collection of sentence fragments is utilised to have a film camera recording on a movie collection. Discover what material you'll be able to cut and cut it. Please ensure your essay is wholly distinct from the one that you submitted on the Common Application. An essay could possibly be attached even if there isn't such a space. Stephen's essay is rather effective. This quick essay will surely be a positive bit of her application. You can't afford a careless error within this essay. As you know the principal statements of the essay, it is going to be quite simple. Let EssayEdge help you compose an application essay which gets noticed. A poorly executed essay can lead to a stellar student to become rejected. New Step by Step Roadmap for Hofstra University Application Essay Samples With just 200 words it is easily seen if you create a mistake. Once you've read through the instructions a number of occasions and gathered your notes, you can begin creating an outline to organize your essay and make a decision as to what message you need to send. You want to make an outstanding college program, which means you will likely read it over and over again in order to ensure there are not any typos and spelling and grammar errors. No matter your angle, make sure that you tell admissions something new! It's also hard to get right. You're not being requested to explain how college will allow you to grow, but how Oberlin can help you grow. Everybody is insanely useful and friendly to the point at which you truly feel as if you belong to a community when you get there. That's the reason why we gathered a pool of the greatest academic writers and always assign you the most appropriate match. Harvard simply wants increased insight into who you are as an individual and therefore don't be reluctant to demonstrate some personality! All students can work on the radio with a small training which is an immense prospect for anybody who would like to be in the communications or music business or simply want to understand more on the subject of radio generally.

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Life Cycle of The Queen Bumblebee

There are more than 255 species of bumblebees worldwide. All share similar physical features: they are round and fuzzy insects with short wings which flap back and forth rather than up and down. Unlike honey bees, bumblebees are not aggressive, are unlikely to sting, and produce relatively little honey. Bumblebees are, however, major pollinators. Beating their wings as fast as 130 times per second, their large bodies vibrate very quickly. This movement releases pollen, helping crops to grow.  Ã‚   The health and well-being of a bumblebee colony depend very largely on the queen bee. The queen, alone, is responsible for bumblebee reproduction; the other bees in the colony spend the majority of their time caring for the queen and her offspring. Unlike honey bees, which overwinter as a colony by clustering together, bumblebees (Genus Bombus) live from spring to fall. Only the fertilized bumblebee queen will survive the winter by finding shelter from the freezing temperatures. She spends the long, cold winter hidden away alone.   The Queen Bumblebee Emerges In spring, the queen emerges and searches for a suitable nest site, typically in an abandoned rodent nest or small cavity. In this space, she builds a ball of moss, hair, or grass, with a single entrance. Once the queen has constructed a suitable home, she prepares for her offspring. Preparing for Bumblebee Offspring The spring queen builds a wax honey pot and provisions it with nectar and pollen. Next, she collects pollen and forms it into a mound on the floor of her nest. She then lays eggs in the pollen and coats it with wax secreted from her body. Like a mother bird, the Bombus queen uses the warmth of her body to incubate her eggs. She sits on the pollen mound and raises her body temperature to between 98 ° and 102 ° Fahrenheit. For nourishment, she consumes honey from her wax pot, which is positioned within her reach. In four days, the eggs hatch. The Queen Bee Becomes a Mother The bumblebee queen continues her maternal care, foraging for pollen and feeding her offspring until they pupate. Only when this first brood emerges as bumblebee adults can she quit the daily tasks of foraging and housekeeping. For the remainder of the year, the queen concentrates her efforts on laying eggs. Workers help incubate her eggs, and the colony swells in number. At the end of summer, she begins laying some unfertilized eggs, which become males. The bumblebee queen allows some of her female offspring to become new, fertile queens. The Bumblebee Circle of Life With new queens ready to continue the genetic line, the bumblebee queen dies, her work complete. As winter approaches, the new queens and males mate. The males die soon after mating. The new generations of bumblebee queens seek shelter for the winter and wait until the following spring to begin new colonies. Many species of bumblebees are now endangered. There are many possible reasons for this, ranging from pollution and habitat loss to climate change.

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Economic Environment in India - 9561 Words

ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT OF INDIA Section – A I. Economic Environment : Meaning, Factors affecting Economic Environment, Basic Features of Indian Economy, India in World Economy. Economic Policies : Agriculture Policy, Industrial Policy, Commercial Policy Fiscal Policy. Economic Planning : Meaning, Importance, Objectives Techniques of Planning. II. III. Section – B I. Significance of Agriculture in Indian Economy and New Agriculture Strategy. Agriculture Finance (specially Kisan Credit Card), Nature of Risk and Uncertainty in Agriculture, Measures to Control Risk and Uncertainty, Agriculture W.T.O. Industrial growth in India and Prospects. Role of Small Scale Industries and Problems faced by them. Globalisation V/s Small Sector. Role†¦show more content†¦: 60 Attempt three questions in all, selecting at least one question from each Section. All questions carry equal marks.. Section-A 3. Explain the causes of underdevelopment of Indian economy and give suggestions for its improvement. Or Write a critical note on 55 years of planned economic development of India. Section-B 4. Explain the concept of liberalisation. What has been the impact of liberalisation on Indian economy? Or Write short notes on the following : (i) (ii) 5. Indian Agriculture and W.T.O. Problems of Public Sector Section-C What is poverty? What are its main causes in I ndia? What steps do you suggest to reduce poverty in India? Or Write notes on the following : (i) (ii) Recent trends of Indias Foreign Trade Population Explosion. Fore more detail:- CHAPTER-1 Economic Environment in India Q.1 Define Environment? Ans.: Man is a ‘Social Animal’ man in his life time works hard to satisfy his unlimited wants by utilizing the limited resources. For all this he is affected by economic environment. The term environment is concerned with the social cultural, political physical and their influence on related economic life. According to Webster’s Dictionary – â€Å"Environment refers to the conditions effects and forces which influence individual and group behavior of human life with natural, social, political and cultural surroundings. Q. 2 Define Economic Environment? Ans.: Economic Environment is madeShow MoreRelatedIndia s Political And Economic Environment3475 Words   |  14 PagesIntroduction India and South Africa are members of the five major emerging economies. They are both developing countries however, they are well distinguished for their large democracy, fast-growing economies and significant influence on regional and global affairs. This report aims to comparatively analyse whether India or South Africa is in a better position to succeed in the global economy. For the purposes of this report, I will be comparing and analysing each country’s political and economic environmentRead MorePest Analysis for India1088 Words   |  5 PagesRise of India India, one of four great ancient civilizations, has a splendid history, and it also has an important influence and effect on the development of world civilization. India’s societal development was lost during the period of British colonialism. However this indomitable nation is now rapidly developing. Since the 21st century when globalization swept the world, India has gotten the chance to move. India is rising. The paper will use PEST political environment, economic environment, socioculturalRead MoreA Report On An Australian Company Within Automotive Industry997 Words   |  4 Pagesto move the factory overseas. The company s destination is going to be either China or India. Both countries are inclined towards greener strategies especially within the automotive industry as per deteriorating environment and pollution mostly within the cities and also globally. This report provides a recommendation which of these two countries is conducive for such a plan. Both countries, Ch ina and India cover the top places in area of foreign direct investments (FDI) and relocation of companiesRead MoreMarket Analysis of Burger King in India1282 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Burger King in India With the ever widening globalization, many businesses that are local are always trying to multinational, and those that are already multinational are all trying to cover other markets where their branches are not situated. This is the same route that Burger King (BK) is looking forward to, and in their case they want diversify into China, Japan and India. There are however several factors that BK must put into consideration before venturing into India in particular. ThereRead MoreNat Books Essay1170 Words   |  5 PagesMains), aspirants need to focus on the NCERT texts on the below subjects: History, Geography, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Fine Arts, and Science. NCERT Books: History †¢ History: NCERT Class VI – Our Past †¢ History: NCERT Class VII – Our Past -I †¢ History: NCERT Class VIII – Our Past II and III †¢ History: NCERT Class IX – India and the Contemporary World – I †¢ History: NCERT Class IX – India and the Contemporary World – II †¢ History: NCERT Class X – Themes In World History †¢ History:Read MoreIndi A Developing Country With The Second Largest Population1302 Words   |  6 PagesIndia has attracted foreign companies and business investor recently after it has been labeled as BRICS countries including Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Many international companies, especially the Information Technology Industry have established their branches in India for long times. Large IT outsourcing companies from India are competing in the global market. However, the traditions in India have made foreign direct investment and business operation in India very difficult tasksRead MoreThe Food Intake Is A Major Determinant Of Nutritional Status Essay1384 Words   |  6 PagesThough the food intake is a major determinant of nutritional status in children, it is not the only determinant. It varies considerably with socio-economic status (SES) and environmental factors as well such as household economic resources namely income, asset and wealth, standa rd of living, caste, religion, education and occupation of the parents, also influence child health. Each component of SES displays varied relationships to various health outcomes and provides different resources. There isRead MoreIndian Foreign Policies : India s Free Global Market And Predictability Of More Economic Development799 Words   |  4 Pagesand developed nations like India and China to be part of this group as a guest. Opens new vision for these nations to get benefitted in its annual meeting. When these highly industrialized nations are discussing multifaceted problems like Terrorism, Environment, women empowerment, economic development, global economic balance etc. Indian foreign policies reflect its agenda for equal distance with multipolar world representing worlds superpowers. Which has indebted India s free global market andRead MoreImpact of Globalization on Indian Economy1572 Words   |  7 PagesCountries around the world have closer over past few decades due to growing integration between economies. The main cause behind this growth has been globalization. There can be various definitions of globalization according to different aspects like economic activities, political, technological, cultural interactions. It brings the countries closer to each other and make them more interrelated through providing unrestrained trade and financial exchange. The process of globalisation not only includesRead MoreIndia s Development Of Tourism1319 Words   |  6 Pages â€Æ' Tourism comprises the activities of persons travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure , business or other purposes (Holloway and Taylor 2006;6). Development of Tourism in India Early Development The efforts to promote tourism in India were made in 1945 , a committee was setup under the Chairmanship of Sir John Sargent. The development of tourism was taken up in a planned manner in 1956 , but it was only after the 1980’s

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Strategic Management of German Hypermarket-Samples for Students

Question: Discuss about the Strategic Management of German Hypermarket. Answer: Introduction: The report gives an overview of a company named Kaufland opening its stores in Australia. Kaufland is a giant hypermarket chain that entered the retail market of Australia. An analysis done based on the market size and trends followed by Kaufland in Australia. The report also puts forward the companys financial and corporate performance in the Australian market. There is also discussion on the available strategic options for the company in the Australian market. The report also mentions a final recommended strategy for the company along with its implementation. There is also a discussion on the monitoring and control of its future performance in Australia. Market Size and Trends in Australia: Market Size Kaufland, part of Schwartz Group from Germany entered Australias fiercely competitive grocery market and plans to launch its first store on the fringes of Adelaide. Schwartz also owns a discount chain named Lidl and has been targeting a foothold in the $ 90 billion plus supermarket sector of Australia (Armstrong et al., 2014). The new operation in Adelaide would be one of its flagship and inaugural store. With Kaufland, shopper in Australia can have a vast and a completely new experience. This is because the company plans to introduce stores in warehouse styles spread out over an area of 20,000 square meters, something unique compared to the traditional Woolworths and Cole stores that were less than fifth of its size. Thus, Kaufland plans to bring in a new retail experience to its customers by introducing close to about 60, 000 products that included various known brands. The Kaufland stores will also include white goods and groceries. With Kaufland, customers will thus have a destin ation shopping experience ("Kaufland Immer eine Idee frischer! 2017). Key Trends The grocery market in Australia has become more competitive than ever. The present scenario is that two of the largest retailers of the Asia Pacific are battling in terms of online discount, market leadership, the rapid growth of the wholesale channels and the entry of the new contenders in the market (Davey Richards, 2013). There are however five key trends that can shape the market and influence the strategy of the retailer. These are as follows: Woolworths Regaining Its Position: By 2017, Woolworths expected to continue with its progress on the AU$1 billion restructure that might not only outpace the growth of its rival Coles but also prove to be challenging for Kaufland. . Offering Fresh Battle Grounds: The major Australian retailers not only maintain long-term relationship with the suppliers of its fresh food but at the same time tries to strengthen their policies of sourcing (Ward et al., 2012). The retailers also focus on in store execution of all fresh items with stock availability, attractive displays and freshness of the product and staff skills. Kaufland should try to follow such trend in order to gain a foothold in the Australian market. Focus on the Market Entrants: In the recent year, although the density of supermarket is quite high in Australia, still gaps exist in the markets providing a chance for new entrants. This gap is fulfilled by Amazon and as well as Kaufland. Amazon plans to enter the market with either fresh products or physical stores. Moreover, Amazon also focuses on customer service with its prime loyalty program. Kaufland therefore can face a tough competition from Amazon. Intensification of the Online Capability: The market entry of Amazon has forced other retailers including Coles and Woolworths in focusing more attention on the improvement of their online capabilities (Nothhaft, 2016). Kaufland being a part of the retail industry must also focus on its online capabilities for keeping pace with the market. In addition, the retailer should also focus on customer flexibility and service. Convenience is Reality: Melbourne has focused on store innovation with the introduction of new style formats. Stores are increasingly tailoring the ranges for delivering better quality of food for now and the food for later options (Munro Andrade, 2015). There has also been innovation for delivering exciting and new options for keeping the offers different and fresh from the competitors. Thus, Kaufland must take up this trend to be at par with other competitors. Financial and Corporate Performance in Australia: Corporate Performance Kaufland, part of German giant Schwarz Group aims to capture the Australian retail industry with stores that are five to six times larger than the Woolworths and Coles. The Kaufland store is a combination of large supermarket along with generalized merchandize retail (Cohen et al., 2012). The store follows Aldis path for entering Australias supermarket business. Therefore, the giant supermarket store made an investment for setting up a store in Adelaide whose ideal size estimated to be within15000 to 20000 square meters along with car parking facilities of 200 to 300 vehicles. The stores also plan to stock around 60000 product lines. Financial Performance The grocery industry in Australia is quite concentrated. The increase in the level of concentration has taken place over many years with major supermarket chain, Woolsworths and Coles having successfully grown their market share and sales (Shi and Yu, 2013). The major change in the grocery market of Australia brought about by the entrance of the international retailer Aldi in the year 2001. Aldi offered a completely new supermarket experience to its customers by being tough discounter (Metzger, 2014). Australia also had another international retailer in the form of Costco in the year 2009. This retailer presently owns eight warehouses and brings to its customers a completely new supermarket experience in the form of hypermarket. In addition to Aldi and Costo, Kaufland also aims to make its presence felt in Australia. Therefore, the retailer must realize that the grocery industry is gradually evolving in the Australia and hence these international retailers must compete with the major Australian Supermarket to gain a foothold. Kaufland should also note that Coles and Woolworths, the major supermarket chain in Australia are comparatively smaller operations (Bailey, 2017). To capture the Australian market Kaufland should also understand the aggressive pricing promotions of Coles and Woolsworths which the two supermarket chain have undertaken for defending their shares and sales Figure: Financial Performance of Retailing in Australia Source: (Vlachos, 2014) However, Schwarz Unternehmenstreuhand KG mentioned in the above figure owns Kaufland and Wesfarmers own Coles. Strategic Options in Australia The retail giant Kaufland enters the Australian supermarket arena with a strategic $25 million acquisition. The German retailer has thus snapped the sprawling site of Le Cornu located on the Anzac highway in Adelaide for a price of $25 million for building the first Australian supermarket (Price, Bailey Pyman, 2014). The 3.6-hectare site chosen by Kaufland on the southwest corner fringe of Adelaide had initially been a furniture showroom and warehouse marked for disposal after the death of Lance Le Cornu, the patriarch of the Cornu family. Kaufland, a part of the giant Schwarz Group of German is the largest retailer of the world with over 1200 stores in Europe. The stores of Kaufland are five to six times bigger than the size of the Woolworths or Coles store and they put forward a combination of larger supermarket with retail merchandize, stocking up to 60,000 product lines (Voigt, Buliga Michl, 2017). The store built in Adelaide would cover an area between 15000 to 2000 square meters with car parking options for around 300 vehicles. Final Recommended Strategy The Australian retail industry has undergone a bigger change with the rise of e-commerce. The internet access along with the adoption of Smart phone has forced various small and large retailers to include online options for complementing their existing channels. However, the reality lies in the fact that consumers do not entirely devote themselves to one channel. Not only do they appreciate the experience of shopping at a store but at the same time they also find convenience when goods gets delivered at door step with just few clicks. Thus, recommendations put forward for the retailers in the creation of Omni channel Strategy. Implementation of Final Strategy Retailers like Kaufland can implement the Omni Channel Strategy by the following means: Ensuring a 360-degree Customer Experience: The expectation of the customers from its retailers is increasing on a day-to-day basis. The look of the website, the product layout, shipping options, product packaging and customer experience affects the customer experience (Piotrowicz Cuthbertson, 2014). There must be categorization of the products so that customers initiate search based on brand, lifestyle or department. Treating the Online Customers Similar to the Customers in Store: While implementing its Omni Channel Strategy retailers must make sure that they receive the same benefits online as they did while making a purchase in the bricks and mortar location (Bell, Gallino Moreno, 2014). Kaufland should also make sure that the return of the items bought online should be easy as done in the stores. Monitoring and Control of Future Performance There are five essential metrics for monitoring and control of the future performance of retail industry. These are as follows (Condea, Thiesse Fleisch, 2012): Accessing the Customer Traffic: Keeping track of the number of customers represents the straightforward metric for the retail business. Thus, the number of potential customers visiting a store determines the amount of revenue generated. Accessing the Retail Conversion Rate: There is a necessity for distinguishing between the retail customers and visitors. This is because there are some visitors who do not buy anything. Keeping a Track of the Average Sale: Getting more people to the store where everyone is making a purchase it becomes important in calculating the average value of the orders. Taking into Account the Size of an Average-Shopping Cart: In a brick and mortar outlet of a supermarket chain, each sold item helps in estimating the generated revenue. Therefore, determination of the size of the average shopping cart is important. Considering the Sales Profit over Cost: Considering the difference between the revenue and the cost before the consideration of other costs is important. This helps in determining the cost of acquiring or producing the product that is being sold. Conclusion The report ends with a discussion on the monitoring and control on the future performance of the hypermarket store in Australia. The report also discusses about the strategic options of Kaufland in Australia. There is also discussion on the final recommended strategy for Kaufland along with its implementation. One can also find a portion dedicated to the financial and corporate performance of the company. Further, the report also presents a discussion on the size and market trends that Kaufland must follow References: Armstrong, G., Adam, S., Denize, S., Kotler, P. (2014).Principles of marketing. Pearson Australia. Bailey, M., 2017. Absorptive Capacity, International Business Knowledge Transfer, and Local Adaptation: Establishing Discount Department Stores in Australia.Australian Economic History Review,57(2), pp.194-216. Bell, D. R., Gallino, S., Moreno, A. (2014). How to win in an omnichannel world.MIT Sloan Management Review,56(1), 45. Cohen, J. R., Holder-Webb, L. L., Nath, L., Wood, D. (2012). Corporate reporting of nonfinancial leading indicators of economic performance and sustainability.Accounting Horizons,26(1), 65-90. Condea, C., Thiesse, F., Fleisch, E. (2012). RFID-enabled shelf replenishment with backroom monitoring in retail stores.Decision Support Systems,52(4), 839-849. Davey, S. S., Richards, C. (2013). Supermarkets and private standards: unintended consequences of the audit ritual.Agriculture and human values,30(2), 271-281. Kaufland Immer eine Idee frischer!. (2017).Kaufland. Retrieved 10 December 2017, from Metzger, K. (2014). International Management Analysis of ALDI. Munro, P., Andrade, N. (2015).Australia 2034. LID Editorial. Nothhaft, C. (2016). Supermarket Sophistication: Yonghui. InMade for China(pp. 175-184). Springer, Cham. Piotrowicz, W., Cuthbertson, R. (2014). Introduction to the special issue information technology in retail: Toward omnichannel retailing.International Journal of Electronic Commerce,18(4), 5-16. Price, R., Bailey, J., Pyman, A. (2014). Varieties of collaboration: the case of an Australian retail union.The International Journal of Human Resource Management,25(6), 748-761. Shi, M. and Yu, W., 2013. Supply chain management and financial performance: literature review and future directions.International Journal of Operations Production Management,33(10), pp.1283-1317. Vlachos, I. P. (2014). A hierarchical model of the impact of RFID practices on retail supply chain performance.Expert Systems with Applications,41(1), 5-15. Voigt, K. I., Buliga, O., Michl, K. (2017). Striving for Customer Benefit: The Case of Aldi. InBusiness Model Pioneers(pp. 11-24). Springer International Publishing. Ward, P. R., Coveney, J. D., Verity, F. E., Carter, P., Schilling, M. J. (2012). Cost and affordability of healthy food in rural South Australia.